About Me

Born: Adelaide, Australia: 1979

Wife since 2010.

Stay at home mom since 2011.

I was born in Australia, but lost my accent the same year we moved to the US, 1988. Now when I try to do an Australian accent, I really just sound like any other American trying to do an Australian accent.

When we first moved to the US, we lived in Gloucester, MA.  I had a little culture shock at first, thinking every house looked like a doll house, but quickly settled in.  There my parents built a home, I started swimming, and I had endless fun exploring the marshes, beaches and woods around our house.

During the time I was in high school we moved to Cincinnati.  I continued swimming – it was my life back then.

After high school I came to Knoxville to attend University of Tennessee. From then until I met my husband, I did a lot of growing up, learning from my mistakes and figuring what life was really all about (for me at least).

On to the husband, hubby, bubby, or boobie as he is affectionately known to me.  (I call him boobie so much, I forget myself and even do it in public.) We started out the relationship with honesty and communication, which we still have today.  We knew early on that we would be together “Always and Forever” or A&F as we say to each other in our text messages. We were married on 10-10-10!

In 2011 we had our daughter, Adelaide. Not only did I fall instantly in love with her, but more deeply  in love with my husband.  We have decided that I will be a stay at home mom through the time that Adelaide starts school.

It is now 2012 and I am starting this blog to chronicle life, which I see as incredibly messy all the time.  Not all aspects of life, but most of them.  Follow me as I try to keep a clean and organized house, raise, teach my daughter and keep her in the cutest clothes I can find, keep my self in some-what respectable clothing, as I feed my sewing passion and try to have some fun along the way!


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