Mail Call – Earth Mama Angel Baby

I was lucky enough to win the Wear and Care giveaway.  We received this prize in the mail a little over a month ago, so we have had time to try a few of the products out.

The whole package came in this gorgeous little tote bag.

Eart Mama Angel Baby Tote

Inside were Mama and Baby products.  The Mama products included:

  • Postpartum Bath Herbs
  • Natural Nipple Butter
  • New Mama Bottom Spray
  • Mama Bottom Balm
  • Monthly Comfort Tea

While I have not tried any of the Mama products, I can’t wait to with baby #2 (that we are planning, it’s not in the oven yet!).

The baby care package included:

  • Angel Baby Bottom Balm
  • Angel Baby Oil
  • Angel Baby Lotion
  • Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash

We have been fortunate enough to try the baby products.

The first, the bottom balm is wonderful! Adelaide had a diaper rash just a day or two before our package arrived and regular diaper cream was only seeming to make it worse, not to mention; clog up all her cloth diapers.  With the Angel Baby her diaper rash cleared up in a day.  The bottom balm is a bit like a gel-oil-goop, but it is light and not overly greasy on baby’s bottom or your hands.  And I find a little goes a long way.

The Angel Baby Oil I have used only once after bath time, and it smells fresh and is really light too.  It left her skin feeling so soft.

We have used the Angel Baby Lotion quite a bit.  We use it as a daily moisturizer and on the spots where her diapers tend to rub (in the fold of her hip).  I am in love with this lotion and would use it for myself to, if I wasn’t worried about running out too quickly!  It has a pleasant sweet and almost lemony smell and like all of their other products is light and not greasy.

The baby shampoo I have only used once and on myself!  We were out of town and staying in rustic cabin which did not provide shampoo & conditioner.  I have brought this for Adelaide, but we didn’t need it for her.  I have a ridiculous amount of hair, so I used about 6 pumps to cover.  It doesn’t lather like regular shampoo, but I found the result quite pleasing when my hair had dried, it was very shiny and felt ridiculously soft and clean.

I would and will recommend these products to everyone and will be giving this whole package at all baby showers I go to in the future.

To shop for these products, please visit Earth Mama Angel Baby.


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